Matchmaker Theme Restamp

M A T C H M A K E R ◦ T H E M E

Name: Breyzy
Previously stamped as: Celes/Zidane/Fang (Regular), Rinoa/Laguna/Rydia (Mirror), Sephiroth/Seymour (Villain), Red Mage (Classic Job Class), Leviathon (Summon), Optimistic Fighter (Stereotype), Final Fantasy X (World), Moogle (Race), "Hunter's Chance" from FFIX/"Movement in Green" from FFX (Song), Gun (Weapon), Zack (Matchmaker), Blue Mage (Job Class Mirror), Locke & Rikku (Party), Tidus (Dissidia), Gullwings (Group), Terra/Baralai (Best Friend Theme), Rinoa/Locke (Voice Theme), Balfonheim (Hometown Theme), Blue Mage (Job Class), Final Fantasy XIII (World Mirror Theme), Leila/Hilda (FFII Personality/Mirror Theme), Celes (Style Theme), Sara/Ingus (FFIII Personality/Mirror Theme), Bushido (Limit Break)
I want to be matched with a...:
[ ] - male
[ ] - female
[ X ] - don't care
NOTE: Please do not ask for both.

~This is actually a RESTAMP. I was stamped with Zack during my last application...and it isn't that I can't see him working as a possible fictional match or anything! O_O; It is just that the reasoning behind the votes didn't match up with my interpretation of Zack's character so I was just curious to see if another character might be a better fit. If you still think he's the best match, feel free to vote him though! I won't mind. ♥

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Hey, guys. Hope everyone's doing well :-)

We still have some apps in the queue, so if you haven't already done so, please vote on the unstamped apps that are out right now, so we can get the apps in the queue released.

Thanks :-)

Job Class Mirror

[ m i r r o r — j o b ∙ c l a s s ∙ t h e m e ]

Name: Myst
Previously Stamped As: Lulu/Nanaki (Regular), Fran/Edge (BFF), White Mage (Classic Job Class), Firion (Dissidia), Returners (Group), II!Mysidia (Hometown), Quistis & Luneth (Main Party), Ingus/Aeris (Matchmaker), Fran/Auron (Mirror), Moogle (Race), Selfless Mage (Stereotype), Asura (Summons), Terra's Theme/Memoria (Theme Songs), Seymour Guado (Villain), Mjrn/Larsa (Voice), Staff (Weapon), Final Fantasy IX (World), White Mage (Job Class), Cid (Final Fantasy II), Hilda (FF II Mirror), Edea/Setzer (Style), Final Fantasy Tactics (World Mirror), Unei (FFIII Personality), Sara (FFIII Mirror), Aeris (Limit)

This is a restamp application, because the last time I applied there was some magnificent three-way tie going on and some really close votes; I'm just wondering if it'll be more clear-cut this time.

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