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Re-stamp: Regular application~

Name: Steer
I would like to be stamped as:
[x] male
[ ] female
[ ] don't care
NOTE: Please do not ask for both.

If you are reapplying, tell us which character you were previously stamped as and why they do not fit you.: Honestly, I can't remember which character I was stamped as any longer. It's been so long since my last application, and I've changed a lot since then.
And before we get right down to the nitty gritty, you may pick at most two games you wish the voters to exclude, as it is understandable to not have played every game, but this is a FF rating, folks. If you want a character from a certain game, find a community dedicated to it.: Final Fantasy XII and XIII. I haven't played them, so I wouldn't really understand any votes for them anyway.

➜ [ a b o u t / y o u ]
Give us a brief description of your personality,: This is almost as easy as making me do trigonometry, just saying. I'm a complex guy.

Okay, for the sake of this question, let's say we just met. Of course, your gender also weighs heavily into the equation. If you're a guy, I'd most probably be relaxed, humorous and friendly around you. I've been in a boys school for a long time and talking to guys is easy. If you were a girl, and a really pretty one at that, I'd be quiet, mature and play the chivalrous card. For the time being, at least, until you see what I'm really like after a few months or so.

If you're talking about me on a more personal level, I would think that I'm a mix of many things. I can be really charming, and I've heard people call me mysterious and weird in the good way. I like women a lot, and my dry sense of humor would probably cause someone much distress. That's the good part about me.

The bad part would be that I'm really self-centered and narcissistic. Deep down, I have a inferiority complex, and worry that I'm not good enough to be with my friends. I also like accomplishments, because it makes me feel good about myself and feel less insecure. I can be ruthless, cold and heartless at times, and I've heard that I'm insensitive as heck. However, if you were really someone I cherished, I think I would treasure you for quite some time. I keep friends for years.

...Told you I was complex.
Four positive adjectives to describe you,: Intelligent. Determined. Ambitious. Eloquent.
And four negative adjectives.: Narcissistic. Irresponsible. Insecure. Arrogant.
Next, pick only three of your likes,: Passion, ambition, winning.
And three of your dislikes.: Weakness, feeling inferior, vanity.

➜ [ y o u r / v i e w s ]
Everyone has something that draws them to others. What's one trait you admire most in other people?: Ambition and the passion to go after one's dreams. Too many people are following the herd, not thinking, not living for themselves. When one has the maturity to break free from that vicious cycle and know what you truly want, it is truly a quality to respect and admire.
So what about the world as a whole? Something beautiful, a waste, a place you have to tolerate? What do you think?: It's... the world. What else can I say? There's beauty in nature and all the goodness that it carries inherently, and there's also the corruption deep within. It's as complex as we are.
And humanity? Is it a lost cause or something you hope for the best for?: It isn't looking too great now, honestly. We have the potential to do great evil, but likewise, we are also able to do massive good for the world. I don't know what the future will hold, and I don't know how humans will act in the future, but I believe that we aren't a lost cause. Not yet anyway.
Now think about your friends and family. Be honest: are they somewhat expendable to you, or do you cherish them?: I don't really value many of my acquaintances, and honestly, they are somewhat expendable. However, for a select few in my inner circle, I would cherish their presence greatly, because without them, I'd be powerless and weak. They've helped me a lot, and I would do mostly anything for them.
You know, it's become popular to publicize causes, like One and the Green Movement. What kind of causes do you show your support for?: I don't really have any, honestly. I like to stand up for the rights of women, seeing that they've been oppressed for a long time by the males, but I don't really show my support for it so I don't know if that counts.

➜ [ a / f e w / c h o i c e s ]
Are you more...

[ ] optimistic / [x] in between / [ ] pessimistic
Explain: I can be either depending on how good/bad the situation is. I'd consider myself a realistic idealist, actually.

[x] outgoing / [ ] in between / [ ] shy
Explain: I'm mostly outgoing IRL, yet I can be socially awkward at times. It's not mutually exclusive. I'll give you an example, I'm usually awkward around women in the beginning, yet once I get to know them better, I'll flirt with them to no end.

[ ] calm / [ ] in between / [x] energized
Explain: Mostly energized. I don't shy away from showing my feelings, and my energy is the loud and passionate sort. I do my fair share of calm introspecting though, usually when I'm alone.

[ ] logical / [x] in between / [ ] impulsive
Explain: I do consider myself to be pretty logical, but I do carry out my fair share of impulsive acts sometimes. You know how it happens, you're with friends and you start joking and doing crazy, fun stuff.

[x] a leader / [ ] in between / [ ] a follower
Explain: It's unspoken, but I tend to take the dominant role in group discussions and lead my friends. It's mostly by instinct.

[ ] mature / [x] in between / [ ] immature
Explain I can be either. I'm mischievous and crazy immature around my friends, especially when I'm feeling all hyper. However, I have a really mature side to me and I'm a deep-thinker. I'd consider myself to be in between, yep. I'm more complex than I look.

➜ [ m a k e / a / p a t h ]
It turns out you have the ability, the chance, to save the world from a catastrophe. Would you honestly do it?: Yeah, why not? It'd be fun, and a great adventure! Anyway, someone's gotta do it in one way or another, right? ....Unless you'd rather die, of course.
For the sake of learning more about ya, let's say you decide to, even if you said you wouldn't. What are your reasons, and would you gather a team to help you or do it alone?: I'd gather a group of professionals that I can trust, preferably long-time comrades, and we'll do whatever we can. Running off on a mission like this alone would probably just get someone killed.
And let's say because you saved the world from certain doom, it landed you in a position of great power over others. How do you use this newfound power?: I'd try to make the world a better place, I guess? Honestly though, I don't really trust myself with power. I'd become corrupt. I'd rather take my due and lead an ordinary life. I wouldn't turn down autograph signings though~ Just saying.
Well, hey. It turns out someone really hates what you're doing, and it looks like you got yourself an antagonist, bud. So what's this person like and why do they hate you so much?: Eeeep. Okay, I've heard that I can be really obnoxious and arrogant at times, so it'd be someone I offended on accident? Maybe he's the guy that was on the bus when I was joking and laughing loudly with my buddy the other time. Maybe I just pissed him off with my dry sense of humor. Maybe he's just a lunatic. I don't know~
Apparently, they also want to see you dead and have plans to see this desire through. What're you gonna do about it?: Uh. What can I do about it? Bring it on, buddy~ I'll get help, of course, and probably take some self-defense courses in case he comes after me. I don't wanna die yet. Although if I saved the world, one nasty punk shouldn't be a problem.

➜ [ t h i n k / o n / y o u r / f e e t ! ]
Say, I could have sworn I saw my prize winning chocobo run through here. Have you seen him? What's in it for me, bro? Nothing is free in this world~

...Just kidding. He's over there. See?
Wait, hey! That big dragon is trying to eat him! Quick! Do something! Hm, something that big has got to have a weak point somewhere. Let's see if that bird can distract him long enough for me to find it... Worst case, I'll just jump on the bird and run for it.
Phew, I don't know how you did it, but you saved my chocobo! How can I repay you? Maybe you've got a pretty daughter or something? Or money? That'd be nice. Or maybe you could give me some food~ Whatever you want.
Well, uh... I don't have much on me, so all I can give you is this moldy sock. Here! Maybe it will be of use on your quest. Farewell! Yep. So useful it hurts. Maybe I can use this to whack someone on the head or something.

➜ [ t h e / v o t e s ]
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Thanks for playing!
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