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Song Theme

[ F I N A L / F A N T A S Y / T H E M E / S O N G ]

Name: Stephanie
Previously Stamped As: Regular: Yuna; Mirror: Yuna; Villain: Seymour; Original Class: White Mage; Stereotype: Selfless Mage; Style: Aeris

{ p e r s o n a l i t y }
[ ] aggressive, or; [ x ] laid-back
explain; I am very passionate about the things that are important to me and can get pretty worked up when the people I care about are subject to injustice, but on the whole I tend to take things as they come...I am also more likely to fight on someone else's behalf than I am for my own, since I do try and make myself adaptable. Even still, 'aggressive' is not really a word I would ever use to describe myself...I am driven, and fairly stubborn, but I am still going to try and do things diplomatically so that everyone wins. I also am fairly likely to try and see, and to help other people see, that whatever the situation is, it will still work out in the end.

[ ] bouncy, or; [ x ] calm
explain;I am a fairly demure person...I'm never really sure how to act around people who are really loud or hyper since it is not really a natural state for me and I always worry that I must seem boring. Of course, I have a lot of energy and love to laugh, a quieter sort of way.

[ x ] determined, or; [ x ] accepting
explain; I love people, and accept them for what or who they are, and in most situations tend to accept my role and what is going on around me--as I mentioned above, I do try and remind myself and those around me that no matter what is going on, the best thing to do is just take it for what it is and move forward...But again, I hate injustices, and once I get my mind on something I can be extremely focused on achieving it...this definitely includes goals of mine for the future. I know that my path is already in motion, but I would much rather take an active role than just sit around waiting. :)

[ x ] adventurous, or; [ x ] peaceful
explain; I am not a thrill seeker, and love staying at home or being in a peaceful environment, but I get very restless staying in the same place for too long. I do not like conflict and am a pacifist, but I am also very nomadic. There is so much beauty in the world, and I can just sit and watch the stars, or a river, or people on the street for hours on end, but there is so much else to see and experience and I don't want to miss any of it.

{ m u s i c a l }
[ x ] orchestral, or; [ ] electronic
I enjoy listening to electronic sounds, but it just doesn't have quite the same magic and passion...Whether it is a full orchestra, a single instrument, or a small group, I can just get swept away.

[ ] vocal, or; [ x ] instrumental
The human voice is an incredible instrument, and there is much in the storytelling and poetry of lyrics, but I feel like there is just as much potential in instrumental pieces, and sometimes the emotional connection for me is even stronger...So much of the music I listen to is instrumental and I just hear so many different words in the melodies.

[ ] fast, or; [ x ] slow
I enjoy works that have a good pace, that keep you moving forward and engaged, and I definitely have a good number of favorite songs that are fast and meant to be played LOUD, but on a personal level, I connect more to the slower songs. They can be sad, dreamy, dark, mystical, romantic, haunting, or any number of things...I always feel like the slower songs have such a huge range of emotion.

[ x ] complex melody, or; [ / ] simple melody
Very little out there to me is entirely simple, or entirely complex...Something can have an extremely basic musical structure and still tell an extraordinary story in its simplicity, and sometimes I think the story can be lost if there is too much going on. I probably air a little more on the side of complex, as I like music that really gets inside of you and plays with your emotions, but, once again, not something that is so all over the place it is unsettling. And in spite of just how much video game music I listen to, I do not like things that are too repetitive, unless it is in a way that is very soothing, or that uses the same theme in different ways.

[ x ] sorrowful, or; [ / ] cheerful, or; [ x ] dark
I know it is probably cheating to select all three, but there honestly is not one that takes a real position over the others. I like the darkness because of the complexities it can present, the sorrow for how perfectly in sync it can be with your emotions, and the cheerfulness, because no matter how frightening or sad a situation can be, there is always hope. It may be bittersweet, but there is light, nonetheless.

You are on a journey. Why?: To save the world. Literally...Something has happened, and there is something I can do. It might not even seem like that at first-it probably just starts out as finding out there is something I can learn, but whatever it is, I am helping to save the world, no matter where my journey takes me or what I have to face.
You meet a crossroads. The road to your left will take you to a quiet, beautiful meadow. The road to your right will take you to a seemingly endless and stormy plain. The road directly infront of you will take you to a huge city full of hustle and bustle. Which do you choose, and why?: Hmm...Definitely not the city, but I would honestly be torn between the other two. I think I might go visit the meadow for a little while, but probably ultimately continue my journey down the dark and stormy path. I would love the peace and solitude and nature of being surrounded by green and sun, but chances are the next step on my journey is down the road-less-travelled. The meadow also seems like more a place you "end up," rather than part of a trail, and I am not ready to end up anywhere just yet.
You come upon four crystals representing the four main elements: fire, water, air and earth. You must choose the one, and only one, that is true to you. Which do you choose, and why?: This is a really tough question for me, as I identify so well with both water and air. I am an air sign, and definitely have the restlessness and desire to see and learn about the world that comes from it, but...I honestly have to say water. I am also an extremely emotional person and in spite of whatever I may learn or whatever intellects I may pursue, I will always let my emotions rule me...And I love water. I love the feeling of the wind, but whether it is the ocean, a stream, a small little pond, or even just rain, I am more relaxed knowing that water is not far away.
You are told by a mysterious old man that deep in an ancient land, there lies the Ultimate Monster that is said to be unbeatable, but also said to be guarding truly priceless items of legend. Do you pursue it?: Hmm...If it were just me, probably not. I have no need for priceless items of legend, and definitely could not defeat an Ultimate Monster on my own! Even in a group, I may ask my friends if a material possession is really worth the risk, but if they went in, I would join them. Now, if this monster were guarding some great truth, or a magic or item I need to find that great truth...
In the end, what is your story? One of love? Of adventure? Of power? Something else, perhaps? Love, for sure. Once again, I am trying to save the world, and the story definitely has to do with doing the right thing; facing really tough decisions of ethics and learning about and connecting to the world itself (honestly it is almost as much a story of spirituality than anything...), but it is, overall, for friends and love for the planet, and I could not have done any of it without that one person who is my great love.

What is your preferred environment?: In the midst of nature. As I mentioned before, being near water is a must--being right beside it is best, but even knowing is nearby helps, but really, anywhere in nature. I love to see the blueness of the sky, to be able to speak to the trees and flowers, to feel the wind and hear the world around me, unblemished by pollution and industry.
And your favorite weather? I have two favorite types of weather...The first, is that perfect warm day, the kind you get (at least where I live) around the middle of spring, when it is not unbearably hot yet but it is still warm enough to wear light and airy summer dresses, the sky is a perfect deep blue, the air is clear, and there is a light breeze. My second favorite is cloudy, and not quite as warm, but with a really, really strong wind--the kind that whips trees in all directions and knocks over everything that isn't strongly tied down, but that wind is surprisingly warm for how cool it is outside. That weather always makes me feel like a portal to another world has been opened somewhere...
Find an image of something, anything, that you find beautiful and post it here. As always, avoid Final Fantasy related images.
There are a LOT of images I could choose here... My friend's daughter, my husband, the beach...well, at any time of day, pictures of the river in my city two days after we got 18" of snow, my kitties, baby animals, sunrise, sunset, people being unconditionally kind to one another, the night sky...

However, I am going to go with this:

This is from a mountaintop in Spain, from when I walked a pilgrim route...This was taken around a week before reaching my destination, and this morning was literally a turning point for me, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Unfortunately the picture doesn't do it justice (I'm not the best photographer at 5:30am...), but that fog? That is actually completely filling a valley. I forget the actual elevation of that mountain but it was somewhere around 1400m if I remember correctly, so that is a LOT of fog. You can tell it's not due east, but even still the sunrise was utterly beautiful, and the fog just looked like it stretched into forever. It was like a sea of dreams.

IMPORTANT! Pick no less than three games you'd like your votes to be from. You are encouraged to narrow down the choices, as there are dozens of song choices from just one game in itself.: IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, or X, preferably. :) I know that does not really narrow it down *that* much, though I am definitely more familiar/feel more of a connection to Uematsu's music than some of the other composers.

As always, post the links to three applications you've recently voted on.

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