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Job Class Mirror

[ m i r r o r — j o b ∙ c l a s s ∙ t h e m e ]

Name: Myst
Previously Stamped As: Lulu/Nanaki (Regular), Fran/Edge (BFF), White Mage (Classic Job Class), Firion (Dissidia), Returners (Group), II!Mysidia (Hometown), Quistis & Luneth (Main Party), Ingus/Aeris (Matchmaker), Fran/Auron (Mirror), Moogle (Race), Selfless Mage (Stereotype), Asura (Summons), Terra's Theme/Memoria (Theme Songs), Seymour Guado (Villain), Mjrn/Larsa (Voice), Staff (Weapon), Final Fantasy IX (World), White Mage (Job Class), Cid (Final Fantasy II), Hilda (FF II Mirror), Edea/Setzer (Style), Final Fantasy Tactics (World Mirror), Unei (FFIII Personality), Sara (FFIII Mirror), Aeris (Limit)

This is a restamp application, because the last time I applied there was some magnificent three-way tie going on and some really close votes; I'm just wondering if it'll be more clear-cut this time.

Tell us about your hobbies: Logic puzzles. Reading. Nowadays I've taken to writing letters because I've got a lot of friends studying/living overseas and letters are just that little bit more personal. Playing games - RPGs, both pen&paper and video, board games as well. Calligraphy. Reading, reading, reading. I sing in the shower and play the piano, and entertain myself with silly websites, cute kitten pictures, and stamping communities.

Give a detailed description or pictures of your clothing style:
(Note, you can just snag pictures of clothes that appeal to you/that you wear from Google, a fashion site, etc. or you can take pictures of you showing your clothes off. It's up to you.)

The problem with my clothing style is that nowadays I've given up pinning it down. This is largely because I tend to function on 'if I look okay in it I can go out in it' when it comes to school, but here goes anyway: I tend towards skirts - lighter, breezier ones for casual wear, and dramatic ones with a bit of a train for formal. Casual skirts are more like this - I would totally wear that shade of green, yes; the dramatic ones look a bit more like this; which I sadly don't own because it's hideously impractical, although I have a few dresses for more formal wear, which all tend toward the dramatic. I love long flowy sleeves and kimono tops but it's ridiculously hard to find nice ones these days, so I've given up on those as well.

Oh, right. Dresses. I adore this dress, although I'd prefer it in a darker red. This one also appeals to me, especially that shade of red.

Also, did I mention I like black trenchcoats? XD

Accessories-wise, I have a really, really soft spot for feather earrings, like this one, and generally danglier earrings in particular. I don't like hoops. A lot of my jewellery has bird motifs on it somewhere, including the necklaces - incidentally, while trying to find something like the ones I already own, I found this, which I would definitely wear.

I also have a soft spot for fluffy hair ties, especially the ones that look like tribbles attached to a hair tie. The one on the right? I have a fluffy hair tie that colour. I swear. I use hairsticks, too, usually ones with pretty danglies, like this. I wouldn't mind this one, though. It's got a dragon.

Anything you wouldn't wear? I don't like baring my midriff, in no small part because I really don't have the figure for it. I mean, if you got it and flaunt it, fine. If you don't got it, don't flaunt what you don't have. To this end, I wouldn't wear anything like Rikku's outfits.

How 'bout them colors! Is there a color scheme you most often wear?

When it comes to formal occasions, I tend towards wine reds and black - elegant, formal, dramatic. Accessories tend to be red/gold or blue/silver mixes, although I have some silver/black. Mostly silver and gold in there somewhere, though. Casual wear is 'anything I feel like wearing'. I used to be horribly averse to pink because my relatives kept trying to force it on me "because it's a sweet colour", but now I'm okay with that, too, as long as it's balanced by something else. Although nowadays it does seem like I'm wearing a lot of medium/pastel blues.

Okay, now you get to post a minimum of two pictures of yourself, but if you have more than that, go for it!

My hair doesn't show really well in those pictures, so back shot (you'll have to click on it, sorry):

Other photo: here.

Anything else you'd like to let us know before we set loose our votes on you?

[ y o u r ∙ v o t e s ]
As always, post the links to three recent applications you've voted on.

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