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Regular Application.

Name: Neisha
I would like to be stamped as:
[ ] male
[ ] female
[x] don't care
NOTE: Please do not ask for both.

If you are reapplying, tell us which character you were previously stamped as and why they do not fit you.: n/a
And before we get right down to the nitty gritty, you may pick at most two games you wish the voters to exclude, as it is understandable to not have played every game, but this is a FF rating, folks. If you want a character from a certain game, find a community dedicated to it.: I would have to say Final Fantasy XI & Final Fantasy IX. x:

➜ [ a b o u t / y o u ]
Give us a brief description of your personality,: When you first meet me, depending on the person I tend to be somewhat shy and reserved. But after a while, I'm most likely to open up really fast. I sometimes have trust issues, but it's very low. I can get very loud soemtimes and I'm usually pretty upbeat when it comes to being with other people and I can get very clumsy and silly as well.
Four positive adjectives to describe you,: Helpful, Conciderate, Determined, Funny.
And four negative adjectives.: Somewhat harsh, Clumsy, Reserved, cold (at times).
Next, pick only three of your likes,: People, traveling, Laughter.
And three of your dislikes.: Negative people, judgement, ignorance.

➜ [ y o u r / v i e w s ]
Everyone has something that draws them to others. What's one trait you admire most in other people?: A great personality and being friendly is a must. I usually don't go to people but when I do, I always seem to look for someone who has a personality of a sweetheart and I can have a really good conversation with, that includes similar interests and interesting different view points of the world.
So what about the world as a whole? Something beautiful, a waste, a place you have to tolerate? What do you think?: I believe this world is something beautiful that just wants and needs attention. I also believe that it doesn't get the attention and care that it needs, and people seem to take advantage of it.
And humanity? Is it a lost cause or something you hope for the best for?: It's definately something I hope for the best. Everyone has their different views on the world and humanity, right? It couldn't be a lost cause if we're here for a reason.
Now think about your friends and family. Be honest: are they somewhat expendable to you, or do you cherish them?: I cherish my family and friends because of past experience of them always being there for me. I always return the favor and keep them close to my heart at all times.
You know, it's become popular to publicize causes, like One and the Green Movement. What kind of causes do you show your support for?: Anything that refers to helping this earth and recently, Gay Rights as well. .if this answers your question. o_o

➜ [ a / f e w / c h o i c e s ]
Are you more...

[x] optimistic / [ ] in between / [ ] pessimistic
Explain: I'm more optimistic than pessimistic. But everyone has their moments, right? I can get a bit pessimistic, but it's pretty rare for me when I do.

[ ] outgoing / [x] in between / [ ] shy
Explain: Not much to say about this besides. ."i have my moments" XD But it's a trait of mines that really depends on the person or situation. If I first meet you, I'll be a bit shy at first, but then after a while I can get pretty loud.

[ ] calm / [x] in between / [ ] energized
Explain: Maaan, another "i have my moments" moment. XDD My upbeat side shows more than my calm one sometimes. But I know there are always times where I have to chill and relax.

[x] logical / [ ] in between / [ ] impulsive
Explain: Definately logical. For me, I'd think it's pretty self explainitory, but if you'd really have to know - I think it's because I think before I act? Maybe that's just me. .idk if this is a good enough answer, though. x:

[ ] a leader / [x] in between / [ ] a follower
Explain: I'm definately in between being a leader and a follower because I believe people lead because they were inspired by others, which they - maybe - followed based on ideas, etc. x:

[ ] mature / [x] in between / [ ] immature
Explain ihavemymoments .. lol. Well, I'm pretty mature, majority wise. But my immature side shows when I'm around friends when we hang out n' stuff. But other than that, I can be very understanding and mature about things.

➜ [ m a k e / a / p a t h ]
It turns out you have the ability, the chance, to save the world from a catastrophe. Would you honestly do it?: Honestly, I would because I always seem to put others before myself. I'm not selfish when it comes to these things, but if it's to help others from something greater than them or myself, I would do it. I like a challenge.
For the sake of learning more about ya, let's say you decide to, even if you said you wouldn't. What are your reasons, and would you gather a team to help you or do it alone?: I would gather up a team because it's always nice to have friends by your side when you're fighting for the same cause.
And let's say because you saved the world from certain doom, it landed you in a position of great power over others. How do you use this newfound power?: To restore what the world should truely be like, and to help people there are really in need because of what others have done to them and do what they failed to do.
Well, hey. It turns out someone really hates what you're doing, and it looks like you got yourself an antagonist, bud. So what's this person like and why do they hate you so much?: They're probably against my ideas of living in a world of peace, and their childhood must have been bad. >_> Who would wanna live in a world of misery? Surely that person would. .lol.
Apparently, they also want to see you dead and have plans to see this desire through. What're you gonna do about it?: Let them try! I'm up for any challenge. I'll stand up and face them if I have to. !D8<

➜ [ t h i n k / o n / y o u r / f e e t ! ]
Say, I could have sworn I saw my prize winning chocobo run through here. Have you seen him? I think so! It went that way! - Points. -
Wait, hey! That big dragon is trying to eat him! Quick! Do something! I better be gettin' paid for this. D:
Phew, I don't know how you did it, but you saved my chocobo! How can I repay you? That did take a lot of work, y'know. .
Well, uh... I don't have much on me, so all I can give you is this moldy sock. Here! Maybe it will be of use on your quest. Farewell! uhh. . - equips somewhere. - >w>; ( HP INCREASES. ) |D

➜ [ t h e / v o t e s ]
Post the links to three recent applications you've voted on.


Thanks for playing!
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