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Matchmaker Theme Restamp

M A T C H M A K E R ◦ T H E M E

Name: Breyzy
Previously stamped as: Celes/Zidane/Fang (Regular), Rinoa/Laguna/Rydia (Mirror), Sephiroth/Seymour (Villain), Red Mage (Classic Job Class), Leviathon (Summon), Optimistic Fighter (Stereotype), Final Fantasy X (World), Moogle (Race), "Hunter's Chance" from FFIX/"Movement in Green" from FFX (Song), Gun (Weapon), Zack (Matchmaker), Blue Mage (Job Class Mirror), Locke & Rikku (Party), Tidus (Dissidia), Gullwings (Group), Terra/Baralai (Best Friend Theme), Rinoa/Locke (Voice Theme), Balfonheim (Hometown Theme), Blue Mage (Job Class), Final Fantasy XIII (World Mirror Theme), Leila/Hilda (FFII Personality/Mirror Theme), Celes (Style Theme), Sara/Ingus (FFIII Personality/Mirror Theme), Bushido (Limit Break)
I want to be matched with a...:
[ ] - male
[ ] - female
[ X ] - don't care
NOTE: Please do not ask for both.

~This is actually a RESTAMP. I was stamped with Zack during my last application...and it isn't that I can't see him working as a possible fictional match or anything! O_O; It is just that the reasoning behind the votes didn't match up with my interpretation of Zack's character so I was just curious to see if another character might be a better fit. If you still think he's the best match, feel free to vote him though! I won't mind. ♥

{ T H I S ◦ A T T R A C T I O N . . . }
Would it bother you if your partner were not completely human? Not really? I mean...I wouldn't want them to be a big blob of goo or something, but most of the non-human characters in FF are pretty "humanoid" in appearance so I don't think it would matter much anyway.
As an extention of that question: on a scale of one to five, how important are physical appearances? It depends on what stage of the relationship we're talking about. If we're talking "instant attraction" type deals then that would mostly be based off of physical appearances anyways, but I tend to find people attractive if they have personalities that I like. And I tend to have a quirky opinion on what is attractive also! I guess I'd say something along a 3? I'm not going to lie and say that I wouldn't care at all about superficial things, but I also can't imagine that if they were uber good-looking I'd be able to handle a relationship with them either since I'd probably start feeling self-concious, haha! O_O;
And how about having alone time away from your partner? How important is that? Pretty important. I thrive on having my alone time and personal space, so I would need to have a partner that would understand and accept that! If they were too clingy, I'd probably get annoyed with them really fast.
Name something that immediately draws you to someone. Sense of humor, definitely. You've got to be able to laugh sometimes and crack jokes! I think that's how most people stay sane, so if someone looks like they have a sense of humor *and* seems like a decent person on top of that I'd probably be really drawn to them.
Name something that is an instant turn-off to you. Someone who can't own up to their mistakes or who can't take responsibilty for their own actions. I also hate it when people always run away from their problems instead of trying to solve them.
So, do they make the first move, or is that all you? You know, I've been thinking this over and I have no clue. I kind of like the idea that it sort of just happens, like it was the natural flow of things and neither of us felt the need to really make the first move because it just...came about on its own. Lolz, that sounds really odd. O_o

{ P I C K ◦ Y O U R ◦ F L A V O R . . . }
Pick whichever you'd prefer in your ideal match.
[AGGRESSIVE] or [TAME]: Uh, if I'm honest, I don't find either word all that appealing. It depends on how aggressive we're talking though! If they were so aggressive they'd, like, hit me when we're in a fight that is a big "NO-NO" but if they were just aggressive in that they don't give up when fighting for their goals or something that would be better than someone who is tame. ...I don't think I'd be able to stay in a relationship with someone who was horribly tame. That would probably get on my nerves really fast.
[SELFISH] or [ALTRUISTIC]: Well, now I'm about to make myself sound like a bad person because, honestly, I'm selfish in a lot of ways. I don't think I could be with someone who wasn't at least slightly selfish either. If they were really altruistic, I would probably start feeling bad about myself! Now, does that mean I want them to *always* think about themselves and never do anything for other people? Definitely not! Even I'm not that selfish. I would just want them to every once in awhile do what would be in their best interests remind me that they're human and not some kind of saint (because I would question why they would be with someone like me otherwise!).
[OUTSPOKEN] or [SOFTSPOKEN]: I could go either way, although I would probably prefer it if they were more on the outspoken side! I'm pretty outspoken and I would hate it if I was the one who was responsible for all of the conversations, hehe. THAT WOULD BE TOO MUCH PRESSURE~!
[OPTIMISTIC] or [PESSIMISTIC]: I think either extreme of those options would eventually drive me insane, so I'd have to go with realistic.
[MATURE] or [IMMATURE]: Immature in the sense that they know when it is okay to maybe have some fun or tell a joke, but mature when it comes down to getting things accomplished and business.
[HERO] or [VILLAIN]: Well, if I'm honest, I can't really picture myself with anyone who would be classified by others as a "villain" so I think I'm stuck with hero by default...or at least someone who is relatively neutral.
[CONFIDENT] or [MODEST]: Confident, with a strong sense of who they are as a person. I really admire people like that.

{ T H E I R ◦ T R U E ◦ N A T U R E . . . }
You and your partner happen upon a burning village. Panicky, the villagers run up to the two of you and frantically explain that there's a child trapped inside one of the buildings. What do you do? Well, I would definitely try and help the child...and if my partner knows what is good for them they'll try and help too or else they're going to hear me b*tch and complain about how they left me to fend for myself in a burning village for a *long* time afterwards! :D
Hey, it turns out your partner has these really special powers and the fate of the world rests on their shoulders! It's a very dangerous task and they probably will not come back alive, however. Do you still support them? I would support them by going with them on their task. We're partners and I consider that to mean we're on equal footing, so whatever they face I'm going to face it too. I don't think I could just stand idly by and let them go by themselves to something like, they'd either have to leave when I'm asleep (and then I'd track them down eventually!) or get used to the idea that I'm tagging along to help.
If your partner decided they wanted to rule the world and make it bow to their mercy, and they had the means to do it, would you still stand by them? Haha, I like how this question sort of brings out the exact opposite of what you would answer in the previous one! I will sound like a total hypocrite here, but no. I wouldn't stand by them if they were going to do something like that. But, you know what? The person I envision as my perfect partner wouldn't even *want* to do something like that, so that would probably have me questioning the relationship in general.
An epic adventure with your partner went awry, and you are now mortally wounded. As if that's not bad enough, neither of you have enough potions or magic left to heal you on the spot and your enemies are right on your tail. Either way you look at it, you don't have much time. What does your partner do? In a perfect romantic world, I want to think they wouldn't leave even if I begged them to. They'd either try their hardest to get us both out or would try and fight the enemies off despite the odds. ...And I'd probably be really touched but yell at them for being stupid at the same time (because I am someone who thinks like that).
Describe an ideal night out with your partner. It doesn't have to be anything epic or groundbreaking or horribly exciting...we could just be talking to each other and doing something that would be fun for the two of us (like watching a movie or something).

{ A ◦ F I N A L ◦ Q U E S T I O N . . . }
...or two.
Organize the following words in order of importance to you: loyalty, money, career, honesty, faithfulness, kindness, spontaneity, attraction, fame. Honesty, loyalty, kindness, spontaneity, faithfulness, attraction, money, career, fame.
Now pick just one character that you feel would be the worst match for you and explain why.: Gah, I kind of have two? O_O Lucrecia from FFVII for...pretty much the traits I mentioned being instant turn-offs for me (play DoC and you'll see what I mean!) and Snow from FFXIII because I don't think I'd be able to take him seriously at all. :/

{ Y O U R ◦ V O T E S . . . }
As always, post the links to three recent applications you've voted on.

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