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Name: Wei
I would like to be stamped as:
[ ] male
[ ] female
[x] don't care
NOTE: Please do not ask for both.

If you are reapplying, tell us which character you were previously stamped as and why they do not fit you.: I was stamped a long time ago, but I think I’ve changed a good deal since then. Penelo/Lulu, but please don't let that influence your decision.
And before we get right down to the nitty gritty, you may pick at most two games you wish the voters to exclude, as it is understandable to not have played every game, but this is a FF rating, folks. If you want a character from a certain game, find a community dedicated to it.: n/a

➜ [ a b o u t / y o u ]
Give us a brief description of your personality,: Intelligence is a defining characteristic of my personality. I’m much more of a mental person than a physical one. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy physical activity, but I’ve never been very athletic, and I like the occasional sport mostly for the mentally focused state it puts me in.

I’m pretty ambitious and I really enjoy a good challenge. I’ve been called fiercely competitive, but in reality it has very little to do with a desire to win. I play hard, but as long a I feel like I played a good game, I really won’t care if I win or lose. I’ll actually get bored quickly with an opponent who I beat easily. Even in my life in general, I don’t get along well with “easy.” I need to constantly be trying new things and making progress against hurdles... otherwise, I feel like I’m just wasting time.

I’m interested in more or less everything, especially creative things. I’m one of those people who wants to do fifty different things and can never figure out what they want to do when they grow up. For better or worse, I could probably also do any of those fifty things.

As far as people go, I like being around them (sometimes) and I’m friendly enough, but it takes a while for me to get close to people. I somehow manage to be someone that people are very comfortable talking to. I like helping people, and seem to have some ambition to do this on a grand scale. I’m generally open-minded and remarkably unconcerned about what other people do or believe up until it manages to really step on a rare moral hotbutton; then I get angry. In a group, I tend to fall into a role of either leader or mediator.

I’m a Scorpio and a Tiger and both are very applicable, if that means anything to anyone here. And just in case I’ve given the impression that I don’t have any self-doubts... I do all the time. I’m much harder on myself than I am on anyone else.

Incidentally, that was brief. ;)
Four positive adjectives to describe you,: Intelligent, creative, perceptive, confident
And four negative adjectives.: Self-critical, distrustful, overachieving, restless
Next, pick only three of your likes,: Mental games, music, interesting and open-minded people
And three of your dislikes.: Stagnation, hypocrisy, closed-minded people

➜ [ y o u r / v i e w s ]
Everyone has something that draws them to others. What's one trait you admire most in other people?: I’m attracted to strong personalities. Interesting people with interesting perspectives on things, that I can have good conversations with. People who have some idea of who they are and can take care of themselves. I can’t really afford to be friends with people who can’t take care of themselves; I’ll try to take their whole lives on as my responsibility and it just doesn’t work.
So what about the world as a whole? Something beautiful, a waste, a place you have to tolerate? What do you think?: There’s a lot of beauty in the world. There’s also a lot of ugliness. And sometimes there’s beauty in the ugliness. Whether I choose to see that at any given moment really depends on my mood.
And humanity? Is it a lost cause or something you hope for the best for?: My faith in humanity wavers. There are times when I think it all just gets worse every day. Most of the time, though, I think there’s hope.
Now think about your friends and family. Be honest: are they somewhat expendable to you, or do you cherish them?: I would consider most people I know to be somewhat expendable, but my family and close friends are people that I will fight tooth and claw to protect. That said, they have to earn their place in that circle. The people I consider close friends change over time. Family doesn’t fluctuate like that, but they can be kicked out if they manage to do something exceptionally abhorrent.
You know, it's become popular to publicize causes, like One and the Green Movement. What kind of causes do you show your support for?: There are a lot of things I support in some way or another, but I don’t tend to publicize it. I am going to put in a word for Heifer International as a charity here, though, because I think they deserve the publicity.

➜ [ a / f e w / c h o i c e s ]
Are you more...

[ ] optimistic / [x] in between / [ ] pessimistic
Explain: I consider myself a realist. I’m very aware of problems and challenges and really don’t think I can will them all away with a little positive thinking. That said, I do think most of them are defeatable.

[ ] outgoing / [x] in between / [ ] shy
Explain: I have no problem walking up and talking to someone if I want or need to, but neither am I a social butterfly. I like having some interaction with people, but I also like being alone.

[x] calm / [ ] in between / [ ] energized
Explain: I’m not very excitable. I can be intensely emotional, but not a whole lot of it tends to show. I also try to keep a cool head when dealing with bad situations. This isn't to say I never lose my cool, or that I never get really excited about things, but those are generally exceptional cases.

[x] logical / [ ] in between / [ ] impulsive
Explain: I’m actually highly intuitive and will follow gut feelings a lot of the time, but I tend to treat said feelings as one more factor to take into account rather than a definitive answer. I weigh options.

[x] a leader / [ ] in between / [ ] a follower
Explain: I can follow others perfectly well when the situation calls for it, but there are very few people I would be willing to follow wholeheartedly. I don’t trust most other people enough to let them be completely in charge of things.

[x] mature / [ ] in between / [ ] immature
Explain You might hear a different story from a couple of the people I live with, but these people also seem to forget that they’re 15 years older than me.

➜ [ m a k e / a / p a t h ]
It turns out you have the ability, the chance, to save the world from a catastrophe. Would you honestly do it?: Yes. Well. Actually, it would probably depend on the nature of the catastrophe and whether my faith in humanity happened to be shot at the time. I have days when I think the only solution to the world’s problems is to wipe everything out and hope something better grows from the ashes. But most of the time, I think the world is worth saving, and if I was the one who could do it, I would jump at the chance.
For the sake of learning more about ya, let's say you decide to, even if you said you wouldn't. What are your reasons, and would you gather a team to help you or do it alone?: I’ve always wanted to do something important with my life, and what’s more important that saving the world from imminent destruction? A team would be good. I do like having backup and moral support, and I’m probably not the person you want to look to first if physical combat is a necessity. Besides, I doubt I could save the world completely on my own, anyway.
And let's say because you saved the world from certain doom, it landed you in a position of great power over others. How do you use this newfound power?: Fantastic! There are plenty more things that still need fixing in the world. Let’s get to it.
Well, hey. It turns out someone really hates what you're doing, and it looks like you got yourself an antagonist, bud. So what's this person like and why do they hate you so much?: Chances are they’re jealous of my position. I saved the world and I have power and influence, and am trying to Do Things. They probably have some different opinion about something I’m trying to do and think they could do it better. Trying to work with me likely hasn’t occurred to them.
Apparently, they also want to see you dead and have plans to see this desire through. What're you gonna do about it?: Tell me what they’re planning on doing to me, and I’ll tell you what to do about it.

➜ [ t h i n k / o n / y o u r / f e e t ! ]
Say, I could have sworn I saw my prize winning chocobo run through here. Have you seen him? Oh, that was yours? I think it went that way. *points*
Wait, hey! That big dragon is trying to eat him! Quick! Do something! Let’s try casting Stun/Bind/Shade/Hold/Whatever We’re Calling It These Days on the dragon. It worked? Okay, time to go grab the chocobo.
Phew, I don't know how you did it, but you saved my chocobo! How can I repay you? Don’t worry about it. Though if you insist, maybe you can do me a favor in return...
Well, uh... I don't have much on me, so all I can give you is this moldy sock. Here! Maybe it will be of use on your quest. Farewell! ...................Ewwww.

➜ [ t h e / v o t e s ]
Post the links to three recent applications you've voted on.

(I was using a different account when I did those and decided to go back to my main account for my app. wei_jiangling = riverbell. Sorry for being confusing.)

Thanks for playing!
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