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Think I may have gotten carried away with this regular application...

Name: Aithne, or just Nene for short.
I would like to be stamped as:
[ ] male
[ ] female
[✖] don't care
NOTE: Please do not ask for both.

If you are reapplying, tell us which character you were previously stamped as and why they do not fit you.: N/A
And before we get right down to the nitty gritty, you may pick at most two games you wish the voters to exclude, as it is understandable to not have played every game, but this is a FF rating, folks. If you want a character from a certain game, find a community dedicated to it.: Oh, there are definitely a load of games in the Final Fantasy series I haven’t played, but I don’t mind getting voted as a character from them. This is about getting the most accurate result, after all!

➜ [ a b o u t / y o u ]
Give us a brief description of your personality,: I’m a very friendly person, filled with an almost insatiable curiosity about the world, even if I don’t immediately possess either the courage or the drive to pursue them. Much of my time is spent with my head in the clouds rather than my feet on the ground, though I have a very open-minded and level-headed view of reality, no doubt due to my aforementioned huge imagination. Due to my habit of daydreaming and bad personal experiences when it comes to relationships, I strike people as – and often am – introverted, though when I do express my thoughts and feelings I’m very blunt, and my words can unintentionally strike people as odd (good and/or bad, depending) or, at times, hurtful. (Not to mention that, when overexcited, words tend to ‘tumble out,’ I ramble, and/or I find myself using my native English incorrectly) But hey, withdrawn or no, I know how to have fun with the best of them, and often spur others to join the festivities with all the delight of a five-year-old child. One of my greatest flaws is my indecisiveness; it takes me a long time to make up my mind about something, but when I finally do I sink my heels in and refuse to be swayed. I’m also lead very much by my unpredictable – and not always comprehensible – moods; if I don’t feel like doing something, I don’t do it, period, and often begrudge those who force me into ultimatums. In reverse, if I want to do something, then I go ahead and do it whether others approve or not. Thus, as well as being a creature driven by emotions, I am also highly independent. Regardless of this, I am an intensely loyal person, who stands by the friends and family she cares for and is always there for them, no matter what.
(LOL, holy crap, Nene, this was totally not brief! Take your epiphany someplace else!)
Four positive adjectives to describe you,: free-spirited, imaginative, kind, loyal
And four negative adjectives.: elusive, indecisive, introverted, stubborn
Next, pick only three of your likes,: adventure/trying new things, creativity, spending time with friends
And three of your dislikes.: being told what to do/heavy manipulators, close-minded people, rudeness

➜ [ y o u r / v i e w s ]
Everyone has something that draws them to others. What's one trait you admire most in other people?: Honesty is a trait that never goes out of style. I really appreciate people being straight with me, however hurtful it is/angry it may make me. That’s a phase I can get over. I also find myself drawn to people who are openly confident, as however sure of myself I may seem I always have that little nagging voice of doubt. Bless those people who are good and know it, and are unafraid to show it (without being arrogant, o’course). Bless you all.
So what about the world as a whole? Something beautiful, a waste, a place you have to tolerate? What do you think?: I love the planet! Due to my adoration of nature and my fondness for New Age music, my parents sometimes jokingly refer to me as a “tree-hugger.” The planet is a beautiful thing...but also quite terrifying, as we’ve all seen in the news lately. A heavy reminder of what force is really running things, people.
And humanity? Is it a lost cause or something you hope for the best for?: As a whole, people, we have a lot to answer for. We’ve done things to the planet and to ourselves that are seriously screwed-up. Still, however angry I am with mankind, I believe that we can correct our mistakes and make ourselves a better community and a better race if we truly tried. Hope is never lost, so long as there is at least that minority out there doing their utmost to accomplish some minute form of good in the world.
Now think about your friends and family. Be honest: are they somewhat expendable to you, or do you cherish them?: I cherish them like the air I breathe, no matter how much we may fight. If something happened to any of them, a part of me would die.
You know, it's become popular to publicize causes, like One and the Green Movement. What kind of causes do you show your support for?: Way, way too many to count, I’ll tell you that now! So long as they’re legit, of course; it disgusts me how some use the charity of others for their own greedy, selfish purposes...

➜ [ a / f e w / c h o i c e s ]
Are you more...

[ ] optimistic / [✖] in between / [ ] pessimistic
Explain: LOL, if there was a realist-optimist option, I’d be going with that! While I will always see a situation for what it is and the rewards and consequences that follow it, I will – more often than not – try to view the positive side, however slim it may be, in order to remain strong and stop myself from going absolutely mad from anxiety (Plus, it’s oh-so depressing to be a pessimist). Still, there are times when I must accept the inevitability of some problems, and I often find myself growing annoyed if people try to sugar-coat it or dismiss it. It’s there, people; stop arsing around and let’s find a solution to it, or a means to recover from it.

[ ] outgoing / [ ] in between / [✖] shy
Explain: While I’m by no means as painfully shy as I was in the past, fact is that I’m still on the uncertain and skittish side, though it can often be hard to tell with me these days. I’ve come to hide it well behind my friendly nature and (occasionally faux) vastly improving confidence, but it’s still there. People who’ve known me for a long time – and thus, are able to observe my reactions to different situations – can attest to that, and often help me overcome these moments of timidness.

[✖] calm / [ ] in between / [ ] energized
Explain: I have my “OMFGSQUEE!” hyper-bouncy moments now and then, as many people do in times of great excitement. But for the most part, I’m very calm and soft-spoken, to the point where I can appear serious and/or delicate even though I’m really...well, um, not. I’m also more the type to simply smile (brightness varies) where many flat-out grin.

[ ] logical / [ ] in between / [✖] impulsive
Explain: As stated in the ‘brief’ description of my personality, I am very much driven by my moods. By extension, I also finalise my choices by going with my gut instinct. If something doesn’t feel right to me, even if I’ve thought it all out and all the logic in the world says it’s fine or even the preferred option, I won’t go there. Hey, maybe I did let an opportunity go by, but at least I didn’t go into it uncomfortable due to all my nagging feelings.

[ ] a leader / [✖] in between / [ ] a follower
Explain: Now, don’t get me wrong: I love working with people, and I’ve found in much of my employment and in group activities with friends I am easily one of the most trusted, and bring a lot to the table. Thing is, I’m also very independent; I’ve done that whole ‘sheep’ phase to excess, and suffered greatly as a result. I’m never going back. Thus, I don’t tend to take it well when people boss me around too much, even if they mean well by it. About the only time I can tolerate dictation is in foreign situations; in those moments, either my curiosity and/or survival instinct makes me attentive and more than willing to follow whatever orders are given. On the flipside, this aforementioned period of my life has left me with an inability to really lead. I make suggestions – good ones – and will direct people who don’t understand, but won’t go much further. I don’t much like ‘controlling’ people. So, it’s either I work on equal footing with my party, or nothing.

[ ] mature / [✖] in between / [ ] immature
Explain: I’m mature when it counts, such as in the workplace or in those moments where life has taken a surprising twist and the shit has kinda hit the fan, and said fan has exploded. Still, even then, I will try to make light-hearted comments or slip in the odd joke or two, whether truly humorous or plain sarcastic. This would be of no surprise to anyone, though, as beyond these serious situations I am, uh, rather immature. I poke my tongue out when I lack a sufficient comeback (or make some random, ineligible noise), call people mean/meanies in a whiny teenage girl voice (for humorous purposes, typically), use improper English for kicks, throw stuff at people when annoyed...you get the idea.

➜ [ m a k e / a / p a t h ]
It turns out you have the ability, the chance, to save the world from a catastrophe. Would you honestly do it?: Yes. No matter how weighty the burden is – or how terrifying – I don’t think I’d be able to turn away without feeling like a real bitch.
For the sake of learning more about ya, let's say you decide to, even if you said you wouldn't. What are your reasons, and would you gather a team to help you or do it alone?: I’d do it because it’s the right thing. Cliché, I know, and perhaps even insane considering the danger involved, but sometimes you really don’t need much more of a reason than that. But since only an idiot would try to go it solo, I’d definitely have help.
And let's say because you saved the world from certain doom, it landed you in a position of great power over others. How do you use this newfound power?: Hopefully we don’t mean ‘ruling power’-type authority, because I’d be refusing that straight up. As said before, I’m really not the sort of person who’d lead, and I don’t like the idea of manipulating the fates of others. Still, since in this case it’d be the kind of influence to sway people that victorious heroes often have, I’d...well, to be frank, probably do nothing with it. If people come seeking advice, I’d certainly given them my opinion (while reminding them to make the choice for themselves), and help them if they needed it, but I wouldn’t go out and knowingly use this ‘power’ of mine.
Well, hey. It turns out someone really hates what you're doing, and it looks like you got yourself an antagonist, bud. So what's this person like and why do they hate you so much?: Sounds like someone who thinks I’m wasting this, uh, ‘power’ of mine. Thus, they’d most likely be the power-hungry, manipulative kind. Or, hey, maybe it’s an ally who believes that we should use our influence to stop whatever happened that forced us to save the world from happening again, and is trying to force the issue on me. Who knows?
Apparently, they also want to see you dead and have plans to see this desire through. What're you gonna do about it?: Okay, if this is the latter scenario from the previous question, this is a little excessive, old compadre! Well, I guess it doesn’t matter who it is or what they want with me; I’m hardly going to go down without a fight! Death is not on my to-do list, kthnx.

➜ [ t h i n k / o n / y o u r / f e e t ! ]
Say, I could have sworn I saw my prize winning chocobo run through here. Have you seen him? Ooh, a chocobo! Seriously!? I always wanted to ride one of those! Well, um, I haven’t seen any pass by, but I’ll help you find him!
Wait, hey! That big dragon is trying to eat him! Quick! Do something! Whoa, now, mate, it’s your chocobo! If you insist on me fighting this dragon for you, guess what? You’re gonna help! Show some responsibility! Plus, y’know...it’s a dragon. Not exactly something you can tackle alone!
Phew, I don't know how you did it, but you saved my chocobo! How can I repay you? Well, I can think of one way...next time, try not to lose your gorgeous, prize-winning chocobo in the middle of monster-infected territory, m’kay? [only half-joking]
Well, uh... I don't have much on me, so all I can give you is this mouldy sock. Here! Maybe it will be of use on your quest. Farewell! Uh...thanks, I guess? [waits until he’s gone before muttering to herself] A mouldy sock? I brave a bloody dragon, claws and teeth and fire and all, and he gives me a mouldy sock? Really? That’s just so...ugh! [after a moment, sighs] Well, if it’s really the best he can do right now...maybe I’ll find a use for it? I suppose some monsters may run from the smell, or at least get distracted...[walks away mumbling]

➜ [ t h e / v o t e s ]
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Thanks for playing!
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