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「tv」 lydia → hide and seek

Final Fantasy III: Mirror.

Name: Natalie.
Previously Stamped As: Rinoa & Penelo (female), Wakka (male). Penelo, Selphie & Vaan (mirror). Rosa (voice). Aire (style). Bartz (matchmaking & Dissidia). Lulu & Zack (main party). Yazoo (villain). Carbuncle (summon). Gullwings (group). The Sefless Mage (stereotype). White Mage (job class & job class mirror). Black Mage (race). Whip (weapon). Rinoa's Combine (limit break). Real Emotion (song).

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Limit Break Theme

Bahamut casts Megaflare! Damage: 9998! You have one hit point left--
[ l i m i t · b r e a k ! ]

Name: Vanja
Previously Stamped As: Regular: Freya/Auron ♦ Mirror: Cecil ♦ Summon: Doomtrain ♦ Villain: Dr. Cid ♦ Stereotype: Knowledgeable One ♦ World: XII ♦ Race: Guado ♦ Song: Trisection ♦ Weapon: Daggers ♦ Match: Vayne ♦ Job Class Mirror: Bard/Paladin ♦ Main Party: Balthier/Lulu ♦ Group: Wild Rose Rebellion ♦ Voice: Braska ♦ Hometown: Cosmo Canyon ♦ Job: Scholar ♦ FFII: Minwu ♦ FFII Mirror: Palamecia ♦ Style: Nora ♦ FFIII: Doga

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